Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Phillip Blond's Greatest Piece Of Writing.

Last year I met Dale Ahlquist of the America Chesterton Society. Dale mentioned Phillip Blond and his book The Red Tory, as I'd never heard of him and the title sounded interesting (not as interesting as The Body in the Silo), off I went to the library to find his book. It is very good, but I felt that he was capable of even great writing. And when I found that I was on Twitter I started to follow him.

Then Cardiff City FC, whom I support, had to play Liverpool FC, who Mr Blond supports, in The League Cup Final (26th February). He had tickets, so I, watching on TV was out of sorts to start with. At the end of the game I said, "If a Premiership team can't beat a Championship team after 2 hours, they should not be allowed a Goalkeeper for the penalties. Wouldn't have mattered as we saved 1, but missed our own!" (Why did someone let a LFC fan take our last penalty?)

Mr Blond then came back with the following, truly GREAT piece of writing on twitter; "@Phillip_Blond @Stuart1927 Cardiff were great and we were lucky - compelling end"

Do read Mr Blond's book, and follow him on Twitter, not that he needs my help as over 8,000 people follow him already, in fact forget that, you should both follow me instead!

What do you mean, "Why is that such a great piece of writing?" Because it's made my blog look even more ecumenical than normal, for not only is Mr Blond a Liverpool supporter, but he is also an Anglican. I know me quoting a Prod and not having a bash, whatever next?

(Sorry if this blog is not so well written, but it's been written in bits. On way to the office, change of plan, drop some things there, then go over to 40 Days for Life as they're short between 10-11am, then over to Eddie who runs the daily Pro-Life vigil outside Whitfield St abortuary, as he is on his own because one supporter is sick and another is away this week, then back to the office, too late to serve at The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, but in time to see a pregnant women who did not go into the abortuary, but is coming for help instead.)

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