Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Belloc, Chesterton, 'Right-wingers' And Former 'Right-wingers' Birthday Books

I had read an excellent review ( of this short book by Joseph Pearce about a trip around Merrie England, and Wales and was very happy to recieve a copy after a gentle hint. I have read the book with great interest and with many questions, did Joe know that Hilaire Belloc's Mum and Dad Married at St James's Spanish Place? Did he know that Cecil Chesterton was Married at Corpus Christi Maiden Lane? And when I read the bit about wanting to follow in Belloc's footsteps on his epic Pilgrimage, I stood up on the train shouting, "I'll lend you my maps!". Joe is former 'Right-winger' and you can read his conversion story called Race with the Devil.

Peter of the GK Chesterton tie fame ( dropped a couple of GKC books off for me on my Birthday. As with all of Chesterton's stuff, priceless.

I even got some Birthday cash, which is good as you can exchange it for books. I have been told that you can spend Birthday money on things other than books, but not wishing to insult those who have given me money I have never tried this. I don't like to pay much for a book, which is why I've never had a copy of Belloc's 'A General Sketch of The European War, The Second Phase'. But one can be more generous with Birthday money and so £10 offered and accepted I now have a copy. I remember reading the First Phase a couple of years ago, and being quite moved. Then I heard a chap called Michael give a great talk about Belloc and mention both of these book so I'm sure this is £10 well spent.

Not long before my Birthday I got an email for Carmel Books ( about a book called The Attack on the Family, I had not the time to read it, but thought it sounded interesting. I dropped no hints, but a copy arrived in the post. I had to smile as Wikipedia describe the pubishers as 'Right-wingers'. Why smile? Because a lot of anti-Brexit types go on about the rise of the Right and the need to remain in the EU to combat this. Then inside the book it says, the publishers "are financially supported by the European Parliament."

It's a funny old game.