Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Baptist Pastor Does Some Good!

I copied this from the Good Counsel Network's Blog, Maria Stops Abortion.

"London based Baptist Pastor, Mike Gilbart Smith has written to Marie Stopes International in response to their TV Advert and the controversy surrounding it. In a brilliant letter he asked them the 20 questions that they apparantly cannot answer, since his letter in May he received an acknowledgement and a promise of a full response, but he is still waiting as far as I can see from his blog,
I am printing the whole of his letter here, since sometimes readers don't/can't follow links through and anyway it really cuts to the heart of the matter.

When you have read it, and are reminded of the awfulness of what Marie Stopes and other abortionists do, don't forget to do something positive and sign yourself up for some slots with or if you are not in London, contact to find your nearest abortuary vigil of prayer.

Dear Tony,
I’m writing as a pastor of a church who is going to be addressing the issue of abortion in my teaching and in some upcoming articles in the light of your recent advertising. I want to make sure that I would not be misrepresenting you in any way at all, though I should make clear to you that I do believe that abortion, and particularly providing abortion is immoral.
However, I also want to be as courteous as I can with those with whom I disagree. I do not want to assume bad motivation for what you are doing. I understand the arguments of wanting to provide “safe” (obviously for the mother and not the baby) abortion when your fear is that if “safe” abortion were not provided, then back street abortion would inevitably be sought. The compassion you show to mothers I believe to be genuine, but misplaced.
I do happen to agree with what I heard a Marie Stopes spokesperson say when she was hoping that there would be a removing of the taboo about speaking about abortion. I too hope that this taboo will be removed so that there can be an honest public debate about abortion.
To contribute to this debate I hope to write some articles about abortion and about Marie Stopes in particular. There is much information on your website, but there were some questions that I didn’t find answers to, which I would be very grateful if you’d answer.
I must also be clear that intend to distribute your answers.
If you would rather meet in person to have a face to face conversation, I would also be very glad to do that.
(I will use the term “mother” for the pregnant woman). Feel free to exchange the term for “Pregnant woman” if you would prefer that term, or to use another term of your choosing.
1) When speaking to a mother will you always make it clear exactly what help is available to mothers who decide to keep the baby.
2) What ongoing support do you offer to mothers who decide to keep the baby?
3) Do you always ask mothers if they are feeling pressurised into having abortions from others (e.g. boyfriends, husbands, parents, or the general expectations of society)?
(Several women whom I have spoken to who have had abortions have told me that they felt immense pressure that in a society where abortion is legal, there will be people telling them that having an abortion is “doing the right thing” and that it is irresponsible to have the baby.)
4) Do you always suggest to mothers that it is never irresponsible to carry a baby and give birth once they are pregnant?
5) I’ve noticed in your FAQ’s that in more than sixty questions there is a lot of information about abortion, but there is no information on the development of the foetus. Do you think that the developmental stage of the foetus should be a factor that a mother should be informed about in order to have adequate information in making a decision as to whether to have an abortion?
6) I understand that you must legally have a sonographic scan before an abortion is carried out. What details from that scan will you always communicate to the mother so that she might make a correctly informed decision?
a. Will you always tell the mother the estimated age of the foetus?
b. Will you always tell the mother what this corresponds to in terms of development?
c. Could you outline the detail that you would go into as to the development of the foetus, with the following being a suggestive rather than an exhaustive list?
i. Will you tell the mother whether there is a heartbeat?
ii. Will you tell the mother whether the child has a brain?
iii. Will you tell the mother whether the child has a limbs and fingers and fingernails?
iv. Will you tell the mother whether the child has ears eyes and a nose?
v. Will you tell the mother which internal organs of the child are functional?
vi. Will you tell the mother the gender of the foetus if that is discernable?
d. If you don’t volunteer that information do you always ask the mother if she would be interested in knowing the facts about the foetus’ development in order to help her make her decision?
7) Do you have a policy in training staff that they avoid the terms “baby” or “child” in reference to the foetus?
8) Do you have a policy encouraging staff to use the term “pregnancy” instead of “foetus” or an equivalent term that would point to the fact that there is an organism other than the mother involved in the pregnancy?
9) Do you have a position as an organisation about when a human embryo/foetus becomes a human being?
10) Do you think that it would be morally acceptable to provide abortion even if you believed the foetus was already a human being?
11) If infanticide were legalised in some country, would you offer that as a service?
12) What is the minimum time allowed for a proper counselling session to look through all possible options before going ahead with an abortion?
13) How much did the NHS pay you last year to carry out abortions?
14) Do you think that there is any conflict of interest in Marie Stopes providing advice on whether a mother should have an abortion when Marie Stopes is paid for providing abortions?
15) In order to get your email address I phoned the 0845 300 80 90 number. Will my call automatically be counted in your statistics as being from a woman who called for advice but didn’t receive an abortion?
16) If a woman calls your line twenty times, will they be “counted” on your statistics of the number of women you’ve helped once or twenty times?
17) If after an abortion, the baby (I assume we can now use this term without controversy as she is outside the womb) shows some signs of life, do you have a policy stating that the medical personnel present should act to resuscitate? Do you have a policy saying that they may not act to resuscitate?
18) Would you carry out an abortion if the stated reason given by the woman was that she wanted a boy, and this foetus is a girl?
19) If asked would you carry out a selective abortion in order to remove the healthy girl from the womb and leave the healthy boy in the womb?
20) In your five abortion clinics in China, what proportion of those who are aborted are girls?
Thank you so much for your willingness to answer these questions. In removing the taboo from conversation about abortion I trust that you are wanting honest, open and informed debate. I hope that you taking the time to answer these questions will add to the honesty and help to remove the taboo from the abortion conversation.
Perhaps if you want to add to the honesty of the debate you’d also be happy to post the answers you give on your own website?
Many thanks,
Mike Gilbart-Smith "

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Papal Flags Descend On Abortuary

Not quite what the Home Office wanted, but 3 days after the Papal visit 40 Days for Life started in London. Catholics (and maybe a few protestants) are spending 40 days praying and counselling outside marie stopes house, which is now an abortuary. Help & support will be offered to the women going in by counsellors, while on the other side of the road the faithful will pray for them.

On Sunday after Mass we went there to pray, a young lady was there on her own at that moment. We said a Rosary and as we left someone else came to join her. Please come and pray there(108 Whitfield Street, Marylebone, London, W1T 5EA. Nearest tube station: Warren Street). People are there from 8am until 8pm every day and all night some days, check the schedule and please sign up.

If it is too far for you to travel (there was someone from Folkestone there on Monday) then please pray and fast for the success of this great venture.

Monday, 27 September 2010

John Paul II Consoles 2 Cardiff City Supporters in Ninian Park

It was only when I started to support City that I found out that the Pope had come to Cardiff in 1982. The supporters were still singing fondly about his visit many years later and may still be for all I know, sadly due to some of the language the song is unprintable.

In the photo the Holy Father is consoling two City supporters, after predicting that Ninian Park would be pulled down before a Pope would visit Britain again. And so it was, Cardiff now have a new stadium across the road and houses now stand where Ninian Park once stood!

Pope Benedict XVI was so saddened by this move that he chose not to visit Wales and thus just went to Britain instead of Great Britain. But to show what a hard core Cardiff City supporter he is, he started his trip in Scotland on the Feast of Saint Ninian!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Fr Finigan Gives Benediction At Good Counsel

Sadly you cannot make out the yellow & white flowers on the Altar in honour of the Holy Father's visit to Britain. Nor for that matter can you see much of Father Finigan, but that is fine as we all know that it is all about Jesus.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Frodo Baggins To End Abortion

The 22nd September is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins Birthday, so Happy Birthday. Frodo looked at the great evil of his day in Middle Earth (see The Lord of The Rings, the books not the films) and set off to defeat it. He went into the battle against the Dark Lord Sauron and all his vast army by going into the heart of the dark land of Mordor, almost unarmed and with the army to support him being made up of Sam, his gardener!

And so today The 40 Days for Life has started in London, the heart of the dark land of Mordor. For the next 40 days little Hobbits will go to Marie Stopes house, now an abortion mill, and Pray, Fast and Counsel women so as to end abortion. So sign up on the website and do your bit, offer your Priest a lift and come even if you don't have a gardener!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ecumenical Diablog in Hyde Park!

Photo of Hyde Park sent in by Declan. Coach to Brum at 2.30am!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Email The Holy Father

There is quite a bit of negative stuff out there about The Holy Father's visit to Britain later this week. Hardly surprising when we remember who is the prince of this world. The negative ones, be it the BBC (Beelzebub Brainwashing Catholics), The Tablet, newspapers, lay catholics, or even clergy, end up doing the evil one's dirty work for him. Some do so knowingly, some unknowingly and yet others just fall for his temptations of, 'It's too much trouble.....' etcetera.

Please e-mail the Holy Father ( and thank him for the visit and for his leadership. Offer some prayers for him, The Good Counsel Network will be having twenty seven hours of Adoration to spiritually support the Holy Father & his visit to Britain (sorry, but as he is not going to Wales, it is just Britain and not Great Britain).

Then pack a Welsh flag or two and see you at Hyde Park

Yes going to see the Holy Father will not be without a struggle, they will make it hard for us.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Do Prepare For Cardinal Newman's Beatification

Cardinal Newman's Beatification will take place in Birmingham on 19th September (bring a Welsh Flag). Go and read his complete works and Father Kerr's short work and you will know all you need to know..........or you could watch Cardinal Newman at 2000 on EWTN each Monday at 6.00am or Fridays at 5.00pm, 30 minutes long.

Or, if you can, come and hear Fr Nicholas Schofield, the youngest Parish Priest ever appionted in Westminster, talk about Cardinal Newman's life. The talk starts at 7pm on Tuesday 14th September in the social centre, below the Church of St James Spanish Place, 22 George St, London, W1U 3QY. Father Schofield is PP of Uxbridge, diocesan Archivist and a prolific historical writer, but more immportantly he supports the Good Counsel Network!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Traditional Rite at Downside Abbey

The Latin Mass Society’s residential training conference for Priests wishing to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) held at Downside Abbey, Somerset, from Tuesday 10th August to Friday 13th August was a great success. The highlight was the Solemn Pontifical Mass celebrated at the Faldstool by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Karaganda in Kazakhstan on the Thursday. Father Andrew Southwell, LMS National Chaplain, and Rev. Matthew McCarthy FSSP were Deacon and Sub-deacon, with Canon Marcus Kunkel ICKSP as Assistant Priest. There were over thirty priests in choir and a congregation of more than 100.

During the conference twenty Priests received intensive tuition in the celebration of the Usus Antiquior and eleven laymen were instructed in serving the Mass. Bishop Schneider gave a well-received keynote lecture on the Priest as ‘Eucharistic man’ and was also the main speaker at the closing conference dinner. His book, Dominus Est, which advocates receiving Holy Communion on the tongue whilst kneeling has attracted worldwide attention.

The conference included daily Sung Mass, Lauds and either Vespers or Compline in the evening; there was Benediction after Vespers.

Father Ray Blake, the well-known blogger, who attended the conference, said: “Downside was a tremendous experience. Most of all I enjoyed the sense of fraternity amongst the Priests, the solidarity, the sharing of our love for Holy Mother Church and her liturgy”.

Doctor Joseph Shaw, LMS Chairman, said: “This conference was the sixth to be organised by the LMS during the last three years. Over 100 Priests have now attended, of whom about 85 now regularly celebrate Mass in the Usus Antiquior. The LMS will organise a further two conferences in 2011”. (For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or James Murphy, LMS Office Manager, on 02074047284 or E mail

For more photos go to where a set of pictures is available from Eric Caudle.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Books, Not Enough Books

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.”- Desiderius Erasmus

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Extra National Day of Prayer & Fasting For Life

Dear Friends

Chris Bryant, a Labour MP, plans to introduce a ten-minute rule bill to make sex education compulsory in schools. The proposal will be debated on 8th September. While this bill has little chance of success it is still vital that we do not sit back and do nothing. For more details about this bill click here. Therefore we [Good Counsel] will have an extra National Day of Prayer & Fasting for Life on 7th September, Vigil of Our Lady's Birthday for the defeat of this bill and the end of abortion and euthanasia.

Please let others know about this, as it is short notice.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Contraception and Conscience

Most Rev. John Charles McQuaid, D.D. Archbishop of Dublin, Primate of Ireland.

25th November, 1970

For some time past, in this Diocese, statements have been made by various categories of people in the daily press and in magazines concerning the regulation of birth. Any writer or speaker who wishes to venture into the area of the doctrine of the moral law is gravely obliged to understand correctly and to state accurately the objective moral law as the teaching authority in the Church explains that law.

In a Diocese, there is only one teaching authority who, under the Pope and in union with him, is competent, by virtue of his sacred office, to declare the authentic and objective moral law that is binding on all the Faithful of his Diocese, both priests and lay folk. That authority is the Bishop.

Accordingly, to correct the confusion that has been caused in the minds of the Faithful of this Diocese, we hereby formally declare the doctrine of the objective moral law concerning the regulation of birth: every action which, either in anticipation of the marriage act or in the accomplishment of that act, or, in the development of the natural consequences of that act, proposes, either as an end or as a means, to make procreation impossible, is unlawful in itself. In other words, any such contraceptive act is wrong in itself.

This is the constant teaching of the church. This is the teaching recently reaffirmed by the Pope, supreme Teacher of the Law of God in the Church of Christ. Much is being written about conscience, as if conscience can make right that which is wrong in itself. Conscience is a judgment by which an individual decides from general principles that a particular act is good or bad. That judgment is for each man the rule of his moral conduct but his judgment, if it is to be right according to the objective moral law, must agree with that law. A man, through blameless ignorance or confusion, may be mistaken in the judgment that a particular act is right. Because of that blameless ignorance or confusion he is excused from personal sin; none the less his judgment is false and his action is wrong in itself. Hence the serious obligation binding on every man to inform himself correctly, especially in the Sacrament of Penance, concerning what is objectively right and wrong, so that, in his particular judgment, he may act only in agreement with the moral law.

Our Divine Master has Himself established in His Church the teaching Authority that, with full certainty, can declare, make clear and defend the moral law. To observe that law, we need not merely knowledge but grace that will sustain our weakness, in even the most difficult circumstances of human life. That grace we can always obtain by humble prayer and by the reception of the Sacrament in which we meet the Author of grace Himself. “Come to Me,” He has urged, “and I will refresh you, for my yoke is sweet and my burden light.”

May the Mother of God, by her most powerful intercession, obtain for the Faithful of this Diocese, priests and lay folk, the signal grace loyally to accept in all their life the doctrine of the moral law that the Church unfailingly affirms.
My emphasis, I found this on;

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pro-Life Station Adverts Are Up

As we all know Marie Stopes International has run television abortion adverts this summer. Well now the Good Counsel Network says;

Well they're up. Some of our [Pro-Life] posters have already appeared in Central London tube stations. Please pray that they are successful in attracting many women who may otherwise consider aborting their children.

Please pray also that we may raise the funds to continue the campaign if it is successful. And in the meanwhile, let's enjoy seeing Our Blessed Mother's image in tube stations.

It was quite a battle getting them up, but that's a story for another day. If you bump into one of our posters on your travels, ask Our Lady of the Wayside to prepare the hearts and minds of people in this country for the visit of the Vicar of Christ and to end the practise of abortion and euthanasia in our land.

God bless You.
If you would like to donate to our campaign click