Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Saturday, 23 March 2013

"Abortion Is Safe", "What's That Ambulance For Then?...And That One? And..."

Safe, Legal Abortion?

Above: Marie Stopes Ealing - ambulance is called for client in the first week of 40 Days for Life, 13-22nd February 2013.
Ambulance Marie Stopes Ealing 28th February 2013
Paramedics and Ambulance attend Marie Stopes Ealing 1st March 2013
Ambulance Marie Stopes Ealing 9th March 2013 
Paramedics and Ambulance Marie Stopes Ealing 14th March 2013

Abortion Providers are always striving to portray Pro-lifers as liars, especially when we talk about the risks of abortion. marie stopes, that bastion of honesty and integrity, take it upon themselves to take our leaflets from girls as they enter their centres. And BPAS can be seen here on Twitter attacking that same leaflet.

Yet as the above pictures of ambulances show, abortion is far from the safe, simple procedure with no after-affects that these groups pretend it is. Since BPAS and marie stopes deny almost every complication of abortion, it is hard to believe that the women who were taken away in these ambulances were forewarned that this was a possible outcome.

Our volunteers have helped sick and faint girls to their feet outside the abortion centre when they are vomiting or weak and sick on leaving on several occassions.

So as we reach the final two days of the 40 Days for Life Campaign, we are aware of well over 20 women who have kept their babies, just from the vigils at Whitfield St and Ealing, not including those from the Bedford Square campaign. Please sign up here to join us this Saturday and Sunday.
For the Whitfield St Vigil:
For the Ealing Vigil:
It looks like the weather will be terrible, so please come out and support those who have been suffering this weather all week at the vigils, especially if you haven't been able to be involved much up till now. Those who are seeking to destroy life don't take time off when the weather is attrocious.

Please support our work via the Pro-Lifers Give Double During 40 Days for life appeal by following this link or visit our website here for all the options to donate via This helps us to provide ongoing support and help to the Mothers we have offered help to.

As always, we have ensured that any women entering the abortuary were NOT captured in any of the pictures taken.

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Clare McCullough