Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I Thank God, That My Mother Did Not Abort Me

I once wanted to makes stickers that said this in a speech bubble, to stick on adverts on the Underground. Nick Cannon was asked after he made this video, if he was Pro-Life, he said he was just Pro-Nick! Today is my 11th Wedding Anniversary, so I also thank God for my beautiful Wife's Mam & Dad.

Strange, but if my Mother chose not to have me, then my son would not be here, all of my nieces and nephews would have missed out on such a great uncle!

It may be a bit long, but please use this; #IthankGodthatmymotherdidnotabortme on twitter on you Birthday, Anniversary or whenever!

Photo of my wonderful Wife & son, my eldest sister and our youngest nephew


Gareth Hurley Blog said...

Is that you in the corner?

Ecumenical Diablogger said...


Gareth Hurley Blog said...

though so. lucky you - being photo'd on a good day!