Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Monday 5 July 2010

Catholics Don’t Take the Pill or The Tablet

There is a custom in the Catholic Church of a Month’s Mind Mass, which liturgically is the Mass on the 30th day after death or burial. AsThe Tablet' finally died as a Catholic magazine with its 5th June 2010 pro-abortion issue, today is it’s Month’s Mind. Others will write, and have written, long polite articles explaining The Tablet’s long and painful spiritual death. So I will focus on a couple of points; personal insulting of women and what is to be done now.
My Wife and I lost a child two years ago through an ectopic pregnancy, for The Tablet to try and use this to promote abortion (by claiming this is an example of the Church permitting “abortion”) is at best evil. This is an insult to countless couples who have had to live through this tragic situation. The only thing that could be worse than this is to think of the Priests & Bishops, under whose pastoral care we are, showing us and our deceased children nothing but contempt by reading this rag.
It is a sin to read this rag or to allow it to be sold in your Church. “But I don’t read all of it, I just like the articles by.....” To support evil financially is not okay even if you don’t read all of it. “I’m just the Curate, not the Parish Priest there is nothing I can do about it.” So ask the PP to stop selling it and if he won’t, ask your Bishop for a transfer! That may ruin your career Father, but Hell is full of the prudent who tolerate evil. “If I stop selling it that will upset some of my parishioners.” Oh dear! Human respect leads to Hell.
“What about the right to debate and free speech?” I doubt that The Tablet will print an article by Bishop Richard Williamson SSPX on World War II or Nick Griffin (BNP) on Race-Relations. No reasonable person believes in unlimited ‘free speech’.
I will stop now, the bottom line is; if you have a subscription to The Tablet cancel it today, if you read it stop today, if you sell it stop today, if you write for it stop today.


Fr Joseph OP said...
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margaret allain said...

Thank you, I have seen your blog via Fr Finnigan on my facebook. I totally agree with you about The Tablet. It is quite beyond me why it is still being published. I do know a priest who will not have it in his parish and who has written strongly against it. I am very near Westminster Cathedral where it is sold. I feel I would like to take them away and make a bonfire, but haven't got the nerve, yet. I do make a point of turning them all over every time I go there as a gesture, pathetic though it is. It is I am afraid a sad sign of the pick and mix attitude from the top down about how to live our faith. Best regards. Margaret Alain

Kate said...

Great post! We do not have the wretched Tablet paper sold in our parish, unfortunately Fr. will not allow the sale of any other (good) ones either.
Perhaps a variation on the 'Bux protocol' is indicated: that we pray the Lord will open this publication to the truth (maybe too late for that), or close it forever.

torchofthefaith said...

Dear Stuart

This is excellent!

2 points -

1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

2. Yes - let everyone stop reading and supporting this sinful filth. It should be immediately ripped up wherever it is encountered.

In Christ
Alan and Angeline

Watchman said...

I forced myself to read The Tablet to keep an eye on the dissent they were disseminating. Tina Beattie's article promoting abortion was unbearable,for a similar reason to Stuart's. My wife and I suffered the miscarriage of our only child at 3 months. It was very painful to us that we couldn't have him baptised. And now we have Tina Beattie mocking Catholic teaching about abortion by writing that maybe women should baptise their monthly periods in case, unknown to them, they had spontaneously aborted!! And this women teaches in a Catholic university and was the President of the Catholic theological association of Great Britain. Doesn't she know that you can't baptise a child who has died. Doesn't she know that thousands of couples have to cope with the pain of not being able to baptise their dead children! But no, she'd prefer to make a smart aleck comment to show her utter contempt for the moral authority of the Church. I've cancelled my sub to the Poisonous Pill.

Kate said...

Is Tina Beattie believed to be a practising Catholic?
If so, doesn't her open dissent on the grave matter of abortion merit the attention of her Bishop?

PiaPoi said...

Hi there,

I thoroughly agree with your sentiment. I have just had a quick look on The Tablet website, and found this arguing in favour of using condoms:

However, I couldn't see the one you mention, arguing in favour of abortion. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Evidence, you know?

Anonymous said...

So true. Keep going.

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

"Is Tina Beattie believed to be a practising Catholic?"

Not sure, but she is the director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies at Roehampton University!

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

I think you will find the article at

Spike said...

Stuart - eloquaint as always.

Liberalism IS a sin. ;-)

Rant on baby.

Spikington Boothby

Watchman said...

Roehamption comes under the Archdiocese of Southwark. Therefore, it comes under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Peter Smith. Tina Beattie is also on the board of The Tablet. I don't hold out much hope of Prof. Beattie being held to account for her promotion of dissent, after all the Tablet is tolerated, even when they openly attack the Holy Father. It seems that those in power have forgotten the damage caused to the faithful by scandal. Scandal is like a poison that can sap the willingness to make heroic sacrifices for the Faith. Do the authorities ever think about the scandal of the Church honouring an active, public homosexual? Do they think of the scandal of co-operating with dissenters, by giving interviews and articles to The Tablet? Do they think about the scandal caused to loyal, faithful Catholics by them allowing a monthly Mass for active, defiant homosexuals? There fact that loyal, faithful Catholics remain in this country is a tribute to the leadership of a succession of saintly Popes, and a few loyal bishops who remain in this country. And of course, to the action of the Holy Spirit, the intercession of Our Lady, and the prayers of the saints.

Good Counsel said...

I just wanted to say to Watchman and other's who have lost children during pregnancy, I think the following quote from {then] Cardinal Ratzinger is very comforting:
" is worth noting that the very theologians that proposed 'limbo' also said that parents could spare the child limbo by desiring it's baptism through prayer"
p148 "Purgatory and Limbo" in "The Ratzinger Report" by Cardinal Ratzinger and Vittorio Messori.

Watchman said...

Thanks Good Counsel, I didn't know of that quote. It is very comforting and I will tell my wife tonight. We take comfort in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1261. Also the CTS have published a booklet, 'Prayers for Grieving Parents: Help after a miscarriage or stillbirth.' (D 713). I should send Tina Beattie a copy to help her understand this painful area of pastoral care.

Left-footer said...
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