Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Friday, 28 January 2022

Old Rite Confirmations Versus New Rite Confirmations

From time to time I put up posts asking people to test their memory by telling me where they were 21 years ago today for example. It amazes me the number of people who cannot answer the question. I of course would reply the I was in Anerley with my then fiancée Clare, my Confirmation Sponsor Dougie and Archbishop Michael Bowen.

The previous year I’d stopped attending Masses organised by the SSPX, but as I wished to be Confirmed before getting Married I contacted an English Bishop who had said Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and asked him if he would Confirm me in the Old Rite. I’m sad to say that the Bishop replied that the New Rite was extremely beautiful and that I should just get in step with the modern Church. Tempting though it was to wander off to one of the four SSPX Bishops to receive Confirmation, I in fact went to Anerley and was Confirmed by Archbishop Michael Bowen. I had been Baptised in the Old Rite by Fr Crowdy a few years earlier, an Oratorian Priest described by The Tablet as being in an irregular situation!

I have a preference for the Old Rite and because of this some people I will say that I am rigid and yet I was Confirmed in the New Rite. And in the year before covid struck I made a note of the Masses that I attended and found that approximately 80% were in the New Rite while most of the others where Old Rite. Sometime after my Confirmation a number of Bishops in England and Wales, showing pastoral concern for the faithful allowed Confirmations in the older form and for this I am grateful. It is sad to see that this choice will no longer be available, as in the interests of diversity and charity we will now rigidly use only the New Rite.

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