Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Where Are The Transalpine Redemporists?

How should I know? I don't in fact know where they are, but I do know where they were. When we arrived on Retreat with the Good Counsel Network, who should we spot? Yes, The Sons of The Most Holy Redeemer.

Remembering all the fuss over last years photo opportunity, here is my own. That is my son in the front. Sorry, but I do really badly with names so can't remember the rest. It is quite bad, as I think that I met the Priest with the beard, 12 to 15 years ago on a pilgrimage from Rochester to Canterbury. That walk was mostly made up of supporters of the SSPX, we even stopped at Alyesford on the way and here I was back there again many years later. Father and his order have reconciled with the Church, as have I.


Gareth Hurley Blog said...

You sure that's not you at the front? Apparently that's what happens when you insist on sharing your chips with others! ;-)

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

"when you insist on sharing"!!!!!!!!!!
And wasn't that the Pilgrimage where I ended up with just a sheet to sleep under in the tent, because you had "shared" my sleeping bag!