Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Comment On The Comments, Re Archbishop Nichols

Someone commented to me recently, about my blog on Archbishop Nichols, "Why should we thank the Archbishop for providing a period of Exposition of the Most Holy Sacrament? Is it not part of his duties as a Bishop. Should we thank him for providing clergy to hear confessions as well?"

I think we should thank him when he does something good as we can be very quick to criticise him when he does something wrong. As the Cathedral has gone from having no Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, to over ten hours a week I think we should thank him. I don't know if it says anywhere, that one of a Bishop's duties is to arrange Exposition in his Cathedral, but why this would stop us thanking him, is beyond me. If you invite me to your house for dinner, you then have a 'duty' to give me dinner, but that would hardly excuse me for not thanking you anyway. My wife says that she has a duty to wash and cook for me, but that should not stop me from ever saying 'thank you'. Why only this morning she stopped me going out in a shirt and tie that clashed quite badly, God bless her!

I know people who live in parishes where there is never a Priest who will hear Confessions, so my reply would be; You are right to suggest that we thank His Grace for providing so many hours of Confession each week at the Cathedral.

Another commenter, Gareth Hurley said, "Great idea to thank His Grace. Eucharistic Adoration will bring many graces to Westminster, London and England." But he went on to suggest that we complain about the "Soho Mass" at the same time.

From a tactical point of view I would not put the two together, but that is up to you. I have not seen that complaints to Bishops bear much fruit, but like yourself that will not stop me. However I do remember a Diocese where the Old Rite Mass was never allowed (well for 20 years or so) on a Sunday in spite of many complaints. Then the Bishop did something Pro-Life and was thanked by the local Old Rite group and that Diocese started to have an Old Rite Mass every Sunday not long afterwards!

Gareth ends, "Praise where it's due. Charitable discourse where it's due too"
Now go to my last post below and sign up to pray a Rosary for a Bishop or ten!


Gareth Hurley Blog said...

Was my comment so offensive as to not be published but to be cherry picked, edited and highlighted in this way?

If you treat all comments like this it will put people off and comes across as quite uncharitable.

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

In fact I did not publish your comment in full, as I felt that your suggestion that we should complain about, “the "Soho Mass" where eucharistic ministers have been/are picked by an active and militant homosexual” would have required a book length reply. I know that this is not the issue and will only confuse Catholics. In short it does not matter who picks lay people to distribute Holy Communion at Mass or elsewhere as they should NOT be distributing Holy Communion at all! The issue is the intent behind these Masses. Even where the use of lay extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion is allowed (nowhere in Wales & England) by the rules of our Holy Mother the Church, we can NEVER call these lay people, “eucharistic ministers”. Being the charitable sort that I am, and knowing that you did not intend to support such abuse, I chose to edit and comment on your comment, this is my blog after all! Regards to Mrs H.

Gareth Hurley Blog said...

OK, i accept that you did it for the right reasons.

FYI of course I do not support the role of Eucharistic Monsters; but the Bishops seemingly do (I know some local churches where they are used week in, week out, and I do not believe the size of the congregation warrants this) and as a friend told me the rules stipulate that where people walk by without taking the chalice, it should not be offered, but then we are onto Communion in both kinds too - also something I think is inherantly wrong because it undermines the fact that the Host is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord, completely and totally.

I believe all of this stems from a watering down of absolute belief in the Real Presence, undermined by Communion in the hand (another thing accepted by our Bishops, yet even called into doubt by this and the last Holy Father).

So (now where was I he mumbled in a Gaffer Ghamgee style) whilst I am opposed to Eucharistic Monsters and the other "accepted" novelties that undermine the Sacred Species, the fact that a MILITANT homosexual is the person (and this HAS been well documented - I believe his blog is entitled Queering the Church?) that chooses the Eucharistic Monsters at the "Soho Mass" is a source of great scandal, and worsens an already bad situation.

The fact that pro-homosexual literature is available, and pro-homosexual groups promoted and take part is also part of the "heady mix" (thoroughly Catholic groups that try to help homosexuals be chaste or give up their evil ways don't get a look in).

Happy St Patrick's Day.

Regards to Mrs Mc.

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

See, if you just started all your comments with, "your right" or words to that effect life would be so much easier. See;
for a 'Homosexual' group that is loyal to Church teaching on sexual issues.
Do see the Good Counsel blog (Maria Stops Abortion, link at the foot of my blog) today as it is very good about my in-laws.

Gareth Hurley Blog said...

Mea Culpa.

Yet if I started all my comments with "you are right" it might dint your humility for which you are famous (but too humble to mention).