Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Friday, 25 February 2011

English Bishop To Be Executed By Catholic Taliban Live On This Blog!

It has been said by the Holy Father that Catholic bloggers must take care in what they write. We should not just be looking to increase our readership by being shocking or controversial! There are times when we can be uncharitable, it seems to me that this is often the case when talking about the Bishops of Wales & England. It is important to remember that non-catholics will read our blogs, and to constantly give the impression that the Church in this country is led by heretics is not helpful in winning converts.

Please remember that the Bishops are in more need of graces than you or I. Satan is more interested in gaining a Bishop, and thus a Diocese, than getting his hands on an individual Catholic. I had a look on Rosary for Bishops after seeing it on Fr John Boyle's blog. The thing that amazed me when I looked up Vincent Archbishop Nichols (I live in Westminster) was to find that only seven people have signed up to say a Rosary for him each month. Yes there may be other sites where one can sign up, yes you can pray for your Bishop without signing up, but putting up or reading public criticism (justified or not) should be followed by signing up to prayer.

There can be little doubt that from time to time a Bishop may say something that we do not like, or even something wrong. After writing to him privately and charitably (do hear Bishop O'Donoghue talk to FLI a few years ago) we may even need to correct him publicly having consulted one's Spritual Director first of course.

But I know that it is, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Therefore let us pray (and fast) for our Bishops and even if that does them no good, which I don't believe, it will do us more Spiritual good anyway. When I stand in front of God I will be asked to account for my life and not that of my Bishop. I do not know what God will say to me first when I see Him face to face, but I doubt that it will be, "Why didn't you do something about Bishop X" - unless He asks about my lack of prayer & fasting for him.


Sixupman said...

Aggressive blogging arises from utter frustration at the apparent intransigence of the bishops' conferences and individual clerics, not to bend to our own proclivities, but in their denial of the Truths of Mother Church which they both postulate with impunity and tolerate without demur.

The good Catholic will lead with Charity and 'good example.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post! It is very sad that certain bloggers feel the need to engage in Bishop bashing, in order to get their point across.
Even if it is done out of sheer frustration, it is hardly an excuse. Many blogs have descended into hatred and calumny. That is not what being a Catholic is all about.
We may not always agree with the decisions that come from the Bishops but, we should remember that we don't walk in their shoes.

Richard Collins said...

It ust surely be our duty to poinmt out errors or failings in our Bishops? Nothing wrong in that whatsoever provided it is done with charity.

Anonymous said...

There is a great difference between pointing out errors and tearing individual characters apart. This practice lacks charity and is gravely sinful.
Their scurrilous work is divisive, often done under the guise of protecting our faith...yes, but who does it need protecting from, The Bishops of E&W or The Taliban Catholics?

Richard Collins said...

RWJ - I think it needs protecting from the Taliban Bishops!