Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Chesterton Knew The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

Monday, 11 October 2010

W.A.S. Alliance Attacks Holy Father

Putting aside the main stream media for today, What A Strange (W.A.S.) Alliance came out to attack the Pope. Firstly there was Peter Tatchell et al demanding "homosexual rights" and more opium! The police said there were 5,000 of them, while 200,000 came to see the Pope.
[I have removed part of this post after a number of anonymous comments which said I was being 'disingenuous' etc to the Society of St Pius X. The reason that I have done this is that I do not wish to be an obstacle to any supporters of the SSPX, or to the Holy Father's endeavours to resolve things. Let us all continue to pray for the day when Deanery meetings will be enlivened by the presence of SSPX Priests!]

There was a crowd of Ian Paisley type protestants, singing very well outside Westminster Abbey on Friday night, but their booing was totally off key and impolite to say the least!

The British Christian Crusade newspaper (printed in New Zealand) was handed out at most events. They are Seventh Day Adventists, protestants who were so dishonest as to make the front cover of they paper look Catholic, whilst attacking the Church inside.

I didn't see the muslim demo, but Fr Finigan did and in fact both of these photos are from his blog.

Sorry to any other group that I have missed out!

So there you have it, like the orcs of Mordor these groups would not normally give each other the time of day, but when faced with a common enemy they 'unite' and attack. Be you Hobbit, Elf or the Vicar of Christ on Earth the orcs will attack you because you hold to what is true and good.


Mulier Fortis said...

The funny thing was that apparently, the Unionist protesters who went to Twickenham were put into the same area as the gay rights protesters - and they started arguing against each other...

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

Anonymous sent in this, my responses are in () "The SSPX [i doubt it was the sspx per se] (Why do you doubt it, as it was SSPX leaflets being handed out)were not protesting AGAINST the Pope(I'm not sure how you can judge their motives, as supporters of the SSPX are very varied and some of them would even say he is not the Pope!), they were DEFENDING Catholicism from its attackers and seeking to strengthen the resolve of the Catholics present(Yes I'm sure that was the motivation of most of them, but that does not mean that what they were doing is right). You are being disingenuous (actually I was being just a bit sarcastic putting them in with all the anti lot) to suggest otherwise. The SSPX, like it or not, are part of the Catholic Church (very true and the Pope and I like it, while many in the SSPX do not).P.S. Is it true or is it not that most paedophile scandals have occurred AFTER Vatican2?(Not sure, but it may also have something to do with the total moral collapse of western society, as even after Vatican II the paedophile scandals do not seem to have hit the Church as badly in the rest of the world) Sadly or otherwise, if it is true it must be a fruit of the modernism(oh come on modernism has been around a lot longer than that, or why did St Pius X have an anti-moderist oath for Priests in the early 1900s?) that followed V2. Might you apologise (oh come along now, this is a blog so that is not very likely is it!) to the SSPX - or whichever group they actually were.

Anonymous said...

You are clutching at straws E.D.

Let your no be no and your yes be yes.

The SSPX is not Sede Vacantist and you know that. It cannot 'stop' Sedes attending Masses anymore than your parish church can stop those using condoms or "choosing" not to have children via other methods. Sedes have constantly attacked the SSPX [much as you do].

Modernism has been around a long time, but its values and stances have only been accepted and promoted in the higher echelons of the church since V2, especially with Pope JP2 making Catholicism just one more religion and not THE religion, at events like Assissi...

But you know all this.

I said they weren't the SSPX, because 1. was it officially SSPX? Was it sanctioned by the SSPX superior? Were SSPX priests present? Or was it a mix of SSPX and others, concerned at the liberalism in the Church and the way the paedophile scandal is used by a Freemasonic media to attack the Church?

If the latter, as i suspect [but dont know - nor do you it seems] I think it is, again, disengenuous of you to paint the SSPX as a group opposing the Holy Father, whom they recognise as the leader of the Church they belong to -- their Bishops too ;-)

Your article gave the overall picture that the SSPX were in London to protest against the Pope, and could be clustered with Muslims, Homosexuals and Protestants.

Tut tut.

You are showing an uncharitable nature to members of our Church who were seeking to defend the Church and bolster the Faith of those present.

I do not believe the SSPX [if indeed it were they!!!]did anything wrong that day.

It speaks rather of personal animosities and an agenda on your part to attack our Catholic brothers, regardless of what they do.

I do like your amusing posts, but humour cannot justify lumping atheists, heretics etc. with faithful members of our Church, whose love is for the Mass, Tradition, Social Action, the Priesthood and above all defending our church from an enemy media that has been on a feeding frenzy.

Who knows, E.D., if you show these people the true charity that Catholicism is meant to impart, and thank them for having the guts to get out on the streets and defend our Holy Faith, they may even be won over to your super clean Catholicism and follow in your footsteps!

A few might even start supporting Cardiff City. ;-)

Ecumenical Diablogger said...

Oh you should have said that in the first place! In the interests of Cardiff City and my footsteps, I shall attempt some charity at some piont in the future. Not too soon nor too often mind you.