The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue
"Oh PLEASE say I'm the Archbishop of Canterbury!"

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chesterton Answers Clifford Longley

Clifford Longley's reaction to our prayercard.

"Thou didst fill the life of Thy servant.." etc

Dost thou really thinkest of God as a 17th century English nobleman? Would GKC think so? This is beyond parody...!

Clifford Longley

Chesterton Answers Clifford Longley

"To the pagan ... the small things are as sweet as the small brooks breaking out of the mountain; but the broad things are as bitter as the sea. When the pagan looks at the very core of the cosmos he is struck cold. Behind the gods, who are merely despotic, sit the fates, who are deadly . . . It is profoundly true that the ancient world was more modern than the Christian. The common bond is in the fact that ancients and moderns have both been miserable about existence, about everything, while mediaevals were happy about that at least. I freely grant that the pagans, like the moderns, were only miserable about everything – they were quite jolly about everything else. I concede that the Christians of the Middle Ages were only at peace about everything – they were at war about everything else."

Deerstalker tip to The Catholic GK Chesterton Society for this post.

Don't forget the Anual GK Chesterton Pilgrimage 14th June.

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