The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue

The Importance of Ecumenical Dialogue
"Oh PLEASE say I'm the Archbishop of Canterbury!"

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hobbit Takes On Sauron, Marie Stopes

Further to my post Frodo Baggins To End Abortion and Paul Smeaton's (MC) comment, "Hobbits give presents to other people on their birthdays. What a wonderful present that would be! a few prayers for the unborn", I am very please to say that my niece did go to marie stopes abortuary to pray on her Birthday. No one took a photo that day, but here she is a few days ago. The 40 Days for Life is going very well, but could always use more support.


Paul Smeaton said...

I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings at present. I plan to start doing posts on various bits of nuggets of wisdom within. I also plan to do one on the simililarity between trads and ents

Anonymous said...

Brilliant pic ED. :)
Trads and ents? Cool!